CUSTOM Lanyards Style

We Vivi-Lanyards, one of the best custom lanyards suppliers in the market. We have proudly created custom made lanyards for over six thousands different companies including IBM, AUDI, FEDEX, KFC, SHELL, etc. We as the finest customized lanyards provider in the market have its own efficient production management system and quality control system that makes us apart from others.

Personalized Lanyards

Lanyards are a standard method of carrying and displaying an ID badge or card in almost every organization across the world. For lanyards promote office safety, improves employees interaction process, enhance customer interaction and depicts the organization’s unity.

We manufacture lanyards that offer unmatched quality and a wide range of choices. We build custom lanyards or bespoke lanyards in several colors, materials and with a lot of end-fittings.

Our professional and creative designers leave no stone unturned in order to design custom lanyards that truly depict your desired requirements. We believe to deliver the best quality lanyards in less time.

We Vivi-Lanyards, a best seller in the market love to deliver custom lanyards in the most affordable packages. Our foremost priority is your satisfaction.

We provide a variety of styles in personalized lanyards in terms of its fabric; have a look at the list highlighted below:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Tubular
  • Woven
  • Blank Nylon
  • Blank Polyester
  • Blank Tubular

We provide you with the opportunity to select from a wide range of fabric available in the market for customized lanyards. We encourage budget-friendly offers in terms of fabric by keeping the best quality in our mind.

We present you with the opportunity to select pin quality for your lanyards from to options including:

  • Standard Pin Quality
  • Premium Pin Quality

We offer pin in almost every suitable color in order to design your lanyards.

Our offers are not only limited to varieties of fabric and pin types but we also provide you with the best quality hooks for your lanyards. We proudly present various hook options for your personalized lanyards in a list below:

  • Plastic Bulldog Clip
  • Lobster Claw
  • Carabiner Hook
  • Split Ring
  • Oval Hook
  • Plastic Clip
  • Plastic Ring Clip
  • Plastic Canteen Clip
  • Plastic Swivel Hook
  • Swivel Hook

Vivi-Lanyards provide various lanyards stitch styles to choose from. Lanyards Stitch Styles includes the following categories:

  • Metal Clip
  • Length Adjuster
  • Metal Nail
  • Metal Bead
  • Sewing

After the list of varieties in order to design best lanyards we also provide additional upgrades. Like we offer safety breakaway, buckle attachment, bagging, badge reel and phone attachment strings at your service.

You can get numerous benefits while working with us. We are the top seller in the market as our products are of high quality and standardized. What makes us apart and best lanyards provider discussed below:

  • Free Design Services

We can craft artwork to help envision your lanyard for your approval before its final production.

  • No Minimum Quantity

We offer custom lanyards with no minimum order amount required. All clients are welcome.

  • Lanyards

We offer the best option in term of custom made lanyards in the whole industry at affordable prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go the customized lanyards section on our website and starts designing your own lanyards with a variety of options available.